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Misty is running a grassroots campaign to represent Colorado’s fifth Congressional District, which encompasses the following Counties:

El Paso, Park, Fremont, Chaffee, Teller

Misty Believes we need a 21st Century New Deal that includes:

  • Living wage that adjusts regularly with cost of living
  • Public funded higher education
  • Addressing climate change
  • Long overdue shift to sustainable energy
  • Reinvest in our crumbling infrastructure
  • Reinvestment in research and scientific advancement
  • Invest in technology -  National wired broad band penetration
  • Medicare for all - including mental, dental and vision
  • Campaign finance reform
  • Elimination of budgetary waste - e.g. no “use it or lose it” mentality
  • Taking care of our military veterans – Tricare for life
  • War is a last resort
  • Ending mass incarceration and the war on drugs
  • Removing cannabis as a schedule I drug

You too can help us get the word out by sharing this printable version.   Here is the link!

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