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The American people need another "New Deal" to rebuild the engine of our economy, the middle class. To that end, I will be proposing/supporting legislation to accomplish the following:

  • Add Wired Broadband Penetration to the jurisdiction and authority of the REA (Rural Electrification Administration) to bring high speed internet access to the entire country, much as we did with electricity and telephone service. 
  • Create a permanent National Infrastructure Fund which covers all of our infrastructure: Waterways, Water Processing, Waste Water Processing, Roads, Bridges, Dams, etc. Many highway bills have been either defeated or stalled, and in some cases used as political footballs while our infrastructure falls apart. By creating a permanent fund which automatically adjusts for inflation, we can ensure that our infrastructure remains in good repair and not subject to political whims. 
  • Reduce the tax burden on small businesses (those with less than 50 employees) while eliminating write offs for large corporations as well as imposing penalties for offshoring jobs. 
  • Create tax incentives for all companies to create good paying jobs within the USA. Each dollar spent on employees making over 90% up to 250% of the national median income will be allowed as a tax write off (with a 10% tax floor that cannot be eliminated). 
  • Create a living wage which automatically adjusts with inflation to keep people who work full time all year from falling below 70% of the national median income. This will wipe out the need for the majority of government assistance and allow for people to lift themselves out of poverty by honest labor and hard work.

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