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An educated populace is a cornerstone of a free and equitable nation. As such, I will support/propose legislation to accomplish the following:

  • Provide funding for college education. In the 21st century a high school diploma is no longer sufficient to obtain a decent job or compete globally. We must ensure all of our people have the opportunity to attend a public college or university if they choose to do so. 

  • Provide funding for vocational or trade schools. For those who do not wish to attend college, but would rather learn a trade to establish their own business or because it is their passion or wish to do so, they should be afforded that opportunity. This would co-exist with the college plan so that people had a choice for the direction they wanted to go. 
  • Expand education opportunities for underserved communities by creating teacher-run online education courses. By creating an expanded online curriculum, students could opt to learn outside of the classroom in fields that they are particularly interested in. By incentivizing public school teachers to conduct these courses, we could provide novel opportunities to those who do not have the resources for extracurricular programs.

  • Create new and expanded funding for government sponsored research or facilities to rekindle the American spirit of discovery and achievement. Our best and brightest should not need to leave the country to participate in scientific research on the very edge of what is possible. 

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