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We are already feeling the impact of climate change. While the vast majority of climate scientists agree that human activity is a primary driving force behind it, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. Filling our air and water with toxins is bad for us, and the impact on the food chain and diversity of our flora and fauna will eventually be devastating for us. For too long we have recklessly consumed the resources of this planet with little regard for the environmental impact.
We must act boldly to radically transform our energy systems, while being cognizant of the needs of people and businesses that currently provide millions of jobs. We must help them transition from dirty energy to clean and renewable sources.
A crucial piece of this includes a sensible nuclear energy plan. Traditional nuclear reactors while largely safe, are extremely poisonous and accidents can have horrendously terrible consequences. Nuclear energy based on the Thorium fuel cycle eliminates the possibility of reactor meltdowns, explosions, etc. We can even use our existing nuclear waste in Thorium reactors providing us with a way to recycle extremely dangerous material, reducing its toxicity.Your expanded issue text goes here. This text will appear on its own page, linked from your list of issues.

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