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This nation was founded on the idea that we are all created equal. Each generation brings us one step closer to realizing this lofty ideal, and while we have made remarkable strides in this regard, we still have a long way to go. To that end, I will support/propose legislation that accomplishes the following:

  • A new civil rights act which includes protections for LGBT Americans to prevent discrimination is housing, employment, public accommodation, etc. 
  • A new voting rights act to ensure people are not arbitrarily disenfranchised. The reason the SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The United States) struck down portions of the voting rights act was specifically because it relied on data that was 50 years old. Rather than treat states differently based on old data, we should treat all states the same. Voter suppression isn't limited to a handful of states, but should be looked at nationwide. With this model, the SCOTUS would not have decided the way they did. 
  • All of this must be done with religious protections in mind so that religious organizations are not required to go against their beliefs. 
  • Civil rights violations should be investigated vigorously without interference from local officials to ensure a fair determination is made. 
  • We need to keep looking toward the future and attempt to start the debate now on potential future civil rights struggles. If we can anticipate these future struggles, we can ensure fair and equal treatment much faster, possibly even before marginalization and hatred gains a foothold. 

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