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Health Care

Our current health care system is unsustainable, egregiously expensive, and harmful to both businesses and individuals. To address this, I will support/propose legislation to accomplish the following: 

  • Establish an expanded "Medicare For All" type system which covers everyone. This is not the government being inserted between people and their doctors, nor a government take over of healthcare. Rather it is requiring the government to write the check to pay for services rendered. Doctors and patients decide on the correct course of action. This will drastically reduce costs for businesses as they will no longer be required to pay vast sums of money on the healthcare of their employees, there will be less productivity loss due to sick employees, and more people will feel free to pursue jobs they really want or to start their own business without fear of being ruined by medical bills or loss of health care. 
  • Establish true "total health" coverage, including mental, dental, and vision. 
  • Expand funding for research in medical sciences to discover new medicines, cures, technologies, etc. in order to have access to the very best care current knowledge can provide. 

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