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90 For 90 Voting is a Right, not a Privilege Was created in honor of this gentleman, Dr. William F. "Fergie" Reid on his 90th birthday. In 1968 he was the first African American elected to the Virginia State Assembly since 1891!

The 90 for 90 website is devoted to registering voters in Virginia, 90 people a day in 90 precincts is their goal. Their philosophy is that voting is a right, NOT a privilege. They feature candidates and elected officials on their website who share this philosophy, even if they're not located in Virginia.
As someone who agrees with that philosophy, and believes that people should be automatically registered on their 18th birthday, I am elated that 90 for 90 reached out to me, and has now listed me on their site.

Please support this wonderful cause. We need more participation in our governance, and end the practice of voter suppression. Add your voice!

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