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Deportation of Veterans

 It absolutely baffles me that this is happening. I’m a veteran myself, and though I never saw combat, the sacrifice required by those who serve and especially those who have served in combat is incredible. I don’t think it’s any great secret that this country does a pretty poor job of taking care of its veterans, with scandal after scandal, inadequate funding, serious lack of care facilities, and a damned poor job of recognizing various illnesses that are associated with toxic environments they are often exposed to on deployment.

        However, there is one egregiously heinous act being perpetrated on some of our veterans which is so foul it vexes me why it doesn’t get more attention. As the title indicates, that is the deportation of our veterans.

        These people signed on the dotted line, they said “Yes, I will die for this country if so ordered”, they accepted the burden of responsibility of defending this country, our people, and our Constitution.

        Yet somehow, they haven’t earned the simple right to be in our country? In the case of Jesus Manuel Valenzuela and his brother, both Marines, the idea and consequences of deportation are all too real. These men were sent to war, a very unpopular and costly war, and risked it all in Vietnam. Following that, they faced a country that didn’t even want them to live in it.

        Adding further insult to injury these gentlemen were born to an American Citizen. Think about that for a moment. Ted Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother, is a serious contender for the Republican nomination for President, and ravings about his citizenship are ridiculous. Our current President, born in Hawaii to an American mother, had to answer similarly ridiculous ravings about his citizenship early in his presidency that occasionally still get trotted out.

        Yet neither of them have been deported, and neither of them have ever worn the uniform of our armed forces. Meanwhile, men and women that HAVE worn a uniform, that HAVE been sent to some hellish place to die for us, are being faced with deportation.

        It is absolutely sickening to me that this is happening, but perhaps a more terrible crime, is that it is being utterly ignored. The media isn’t talking about it, Congress isn’t talking about it, the President isn’t talking about it, and as far as I know, neither are any of the still standing major party presidential candidates.

        Every single politician that purports to “support the troops”, and especially any that have ever advocated for sending our troops into harm’s way, should be screaming from the mountain tops to correct this travesty.


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