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Endorsement: Free Thought Equality Fund PAC!

Today Misty was endorsed by the Free Thought Equality Fund PAC! This PAC is furthering the cause of ensuring that all voices are heard in government. Specifically, they focus on secular issues and separation of church & state. 

Please read their endorsement here

Misty is a firm believer in religious freedom. Before one can have the freedom to worship and believe as they choose, they must be free from government pressure to worship or believe a certain way.  America was founded on the principals of religious freedom, and we should uphold those values for all religions as well as secular individuals.

During the discussion of the endorsement, this organization asked where to send the accompanying check to support the campaign.  To which Misty politely thanked them but informed them her campaign does not take any PAC money, even from the one’s she agrees with.  We were more than happy to receive their endorsement, but told them to keep their money. 

Removing big money from campaign finances is one of this Misty’s central issues.  If we took any big money during our campaign, it would undermine our credibility in saying we represent the people.  We need your help in showing this country that candidates can rely on the people, not special interests, to have a successful campaign!  A single drop of water has limited impact, but a river can chart the course of a canyon.  Your help, no matter the size, helps us sculpt the course of our country.

Please consider making a donation to Misty For Congress and help her unseat Doug Lamborn in November!

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