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Misty For Congress Booth At RBR 5k - Swag!

We will be selling items at events that we attend and then eventually on the website as well.  I wanted to preview these items that we are planning on bringing to Run Bernie Run 5k where we will have a booth for Misty for Congress.  At this location we will be able to take both check and cash donations.  If you want to do a credit card donation, at this time please use the ActBlue website that links off our donations button on the website.

T-shirts – These are the same t-shirt design we had for the Democratic Colorado State Convention and the CD5 Convention.  That vibrant purple color that really pops in a crowd.  Her first slogan on here; “Let’s Plowright Into Congress.” We will be selling these for $20 donations to Misty for Congress!

Bumper Stickers – These designs created by the talented Yaz will be our first edition Bumper Stickers.  Purple and white – there’s a theme here!  The mountains of Colorado stretched over her name, and both cities and nature are represented in such a diverse state.  These bumper stickers will be sold for $2 donations to Misty for Congress!


Buttons – Announcing Misty’s congressional district as well as her second slogan “Plowright Does What’s Right.”  These buttons will also be sold for $2 donations to Misty for Congress!



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