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Misty's Statement on the Presidential Election

Hillary Clinton has had to bear a lot of criticism, some justified, some not. I myself have been quite vocal in my own criticism of her (as well as other politicians), even at times harsh. 
There is no question Donald Trump would be disastrous. I have repeatedly answered that I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my vote for President, though I was leaning toward Stein. 
Recent events, along with my own examination of the geopolitical situation around Syria, Russia, and China have caused me to seriously reconsider. 
Looking back on the world wars, it’s clear where the “point of no return” was hit leading up to those wars. For WW-II, it was Hitler’s march on the Rhineland. After that, there was no stopping the coming conflict. 
One of the considerations that must be taken into account when choosing a President is how they would handle a war, especially a major one. While I am vehemently anti-war, I do recognize it still happens. 
I don’t know if we have passed that point of no return with Syria which will lead to another world war, and I truly hope that we have not. It is, however, a very real possibility even acknowledged by some of our military leaders. With this consideration, there is only one candidate I believe is capable of effectively handling such a conflict, and it isn’t Stein. 
That candidate, is Clinton. With all of her flaws, and there are a lot, even Trump (not to mention numerous other Republicans) admits that she’s a fighter. She also has the political chops to handle the delicate geopolitical situations that arise during major conflicts, and those that follow. 
For all of these reasons (and more), my opinion with regards to Clinton has changed. 

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