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Nevada Convention & The State of Our "Democracy"

Have you heard about what happened at the Nevada Democratic convention on Saturday? 

If you have, you probably heard what the MSM (MainStream Media) reported. You probably heard that the convention was closed down abruptly because security/police could no longer control the "mob". You probably heard that Sanders supporters got "out of control". 

What you almost certainly did NOT hear, because it just isn't being reported, is what led to such anger from Sanders supporters. 

By the time the convention chair adjourned the convention (clearly overriding the voice vote to do so) it likely needed to end to avoid erupting into violence. 

The internet is a very inconvenient thing for politicians. Gone are the days when you could talk to one group of people and say one thing, then say something totally different to another group. You never know when someone's going to have their phone set up to record a "47%" moment, or catch you saying something about "guns and religion". 

The established political powers in this country have not yet realized that people are waking up. It may be late in this primary cycle, but people are beginning to realize that shenanigans aren't just likely, they're practically guaranteed, and the media will remain silent. 

They have to remain silent, to maintain the illusion of choice. 

The people get to have their "voice". The entrenched powers though, they're the ones that control everything. We are a threat to their power, and they know it. They are desperately trying to quell the insolent people daring to try to have their say. 

This link goes to a thread on Reddit (a social networking billboard/forum, think user-driven news site) which has compiled videos and commentary pertaining to exactly what went down at the Nevada convention. Watch the videos. 

The rules were decided by a handful of people behind closed doors, they were rushed through before anyone knew what they were (and still the voice vote was ignored), delegates were scrubbed, etc. 

As those who attended the El Paso County Democratic Convention know, that sort of crap really pisses me off. When alternate delegates were scrubbed at the El Paso County Convention and all other avenues were exhausted, I protested. 


Fortunately, at the El Paso County Convention, it seemed like Sanders/Clinton delegates were scrubbed about equally so the results hypothetically didn't really change. That's no excuse for disenfranchising hundreds of people, but at least it wasn't outright theft. There were other political shenanigans and trickery at our convention similar to what happened in Nevada, but thankfully not anywhere NEAR as egregious. 

What happened in Nevada was damned shameful. It was disgusting. 

Some people here were angry with Sanders supporters, because at the Colorado State Convention we shouted "Change Your Vote" at Senator Bennet, and booed a couple of speakers that went a bit overboard with their partisan pandering. 

What these people don't understand is WHY we're so angry. We're angry about the corruption. We're angry about the shady political crap that permeates our system on BOTH sides of the aisle. We're sick of entitled people within our political ruling class who think we need to just sit down and shut up. We're sick of our voices not being heard. 

Every time they suppress the vote... Every time they appear corrupt... Every time they clearly ignore us... 

We get angrier. 

If you think Nevada was ugly, you're not going to like Philadelphia. In 1968 things got violent. In 2012 the GOP pulled some of their own shady crap and threw out Ron Paul delegates. 

The parties make their own rules, but they only play by them when it suits their purpose. When the rules become inconvenient they throw them out and lay down decrees from up on high that we're supposed to just accept. 

THIS is the corruption we're fighting against. THESE are the stakes of this election cycle. 

Do we want honest people with integrity? Do we want people to represent the PEOPLE, or do we want to keep accepting the corruption, the entitlement, and the illusion? 

This country desperately needs a change. We need to elect a NEW Congress. Incumbents have an over 90% reelection rate. Change isn't going to come by sending people to DC who are the very people responsible for getting us to where we are. Change will come by sending in new people, with fresh ideas and passion. 

Do you want more politicians, or do you want people who know what it is to struggle? Do you want corruption, or people who are just as angry as you are about the corruption in our system? 

We have the power to change our system. At all levels people are standing up to run for office, to fill committee positions, getting into positions to impact the future direction of our country and our political parties. 

We are here. 

We are awake. 

We are taking over. 

Vote for change. 

Vote for Misty.

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