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On Bernie's Endorsement of Hillary

Today Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

I know many see this as a betrayal by Bernie, or selling out, etc. I don't see it that way.

Bernie Sanders has said from the beginning that he would support the eventual nominee. One thing many of us have admired Bernie for is his honesty, and another is his integrity. Today Bernie Sanders kept his word. This isn't a betrayal. It is Bernie Sanders keeping his word.

Something else I would like for everyone to remember, is that this was never about 1 man. This was never about Bernie Sanders. I don't know about you all, but I signed up for a political revolution.

Even if we lose this battle, we WILL win the war. Why? Because Bernie Sanders woke us up. Across this entire country people have awoken, organized, raised money, and become involved in the political process in a way they never had before, myself included.

All across the country "Berniecrats" have entered the political arena, challenging conventional wisdom, establishment politicians, and powerful interests and incumbents.

By endorsing Clinton, Bernie Sanders has ensured that his delegates will receive their credentials to attend the convention in Philadelphia. There will be nearly 2,000 Berners inside the convention fighting for us, and massive rallies and demonstrations are planned for outside the convention.

However even if we do lose this fight, please remember something.

The revolution isn't over folks, it's just beginning. 2016 is the opening salvo.

Don't lose your fire. Don't lose your hope. Don't go back to sleep.

Keep the faith. Keep fighting.

Remember that our power is on the rise, while theirs is on the decline. We may lose this battle, but we WILL win the war.

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