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Senator Bennet & Colorado Care

Official Statement on Senator Bennet Coming Out Against Colorado Care

For Immediate Release

25 April 2016

This is the perfect example of what is wrong with our government. It doesn’t matter if you are conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican, your elected officials should represent you.
Senator Bennet is a Democrat, nominated by Democrats, elected by Democrats, and purports to support the Democratic Party’s platform.

Shame on you Senator Bennet. Shame on you for refusing to stand up for what is right, or even for what your constituents want because you’re so afraid of losing power that it has become a trap within itself. I can only imagine your concern for reelection and desire to preempt potential Republican attacks, has caused you to take a stand against what would surely be beneficial to all Coloradans.

You are no progressive, no matter how much you wish to cloak yourself in that label. Fracking, TPP, Clinton, and an endless list of other items which show you to be a wholly owned and bought politician with no interest in serving “We The People”, and now finally this.

I wholly condemn this callous lack of support for Colorado Care, which if passed will benefit all Coloradans, including those punished or otherwise left behind by the PPACA (otherwise known as ObamaCare). This is Colorado’s chance to show true leadership and show the nation we CAN do this, and we CAN care for each other. It disgusts me to see how quickly the party that claimed “Yes we can” became the party of “No we can’t”.

When a sitting senator comes out against a proposed action within his state, it sends a powerful message. Senator Bennet has not heard his constituents, and continues to fail to stand for what is right, and what his supporters want.

Until Senator Bennet begins to represent the people who elected him, reversing his position on this and so many other issues, I cannot and will not support him. 

Bennet Comes Out Against Colorado Care

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