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The Primary Ballots are out!

The Mail out ballots for the democratic primary for Colorado Congressional District 5 have started rolling out to people and we have been receiving some questions.  We here at Misty For Congress believe that the right to vote is something that is best performed when you are as informed as possible.  As such we have compiled several links to some of the different surveys and sources where Misty and other candidates for this position have posted their answer to various questions.

Please check out the links here and make an informed decision.  We will also do our best to answer questions we receive directly during this time period.

Voter Guides:

Citizens Project It is the link towards the bottom to a pdf that says: U.S. Congressional District 5- June 2016 Primary Election Candidate Survey.

Denver Post Contains just the democratic candidates.

The Gazette You can select the democratic party then choose US. House District 5 Democratic Primary  From there you can read both candidate, or you can go directly to Misty’s Information here.

Ballot Ready You can enter your address and party form and you will get the list of people and can look under the offices and details about the candidates.

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