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The Revolution is Dead. Viva la Revolución!

Hello friends,

Yesterday on the floor of the Democratic National Convention Bernie Sanders formally ended his campaign. At Misty Headquarters we watched the results roll in—though the result of this campaign has been clear for a while. We mourned, as I’m sure each of you has been doing—if only for a minute. Months of dedication and work deserve a moment’s pause. The value of our aspirations require a few tears to be shed.

But wipe away those tears. We have work to do. This revolution was never about one man. First and foremost, this is a movement. And movements are never victorious without sustained effort in the face of incredible adversity.

And there are reasons to be hopeful. In nearly every state Berniecrats are winning primaries, state-senates, and local positions. Every day, people continue to be inspired by the movement that drew the most individual campaign contributions in history. Bernie will likely go on to chair the appropriations committee, and his support among young people suggests a future full of victories. Our historical movement will not be set back by one loss.

So today we ask, help us continue the revolution with your contribution. Defeating Doug Lamborn— in what is perceived as a conservative district—will send a message to the establishment that The Bernie Revolution is here to stay. Defeat is not in the cards.

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