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Three Seconds to change a lifetime

Early Saturday morning TeamMisty drove down south to join in the Apple Harvest parade down in Penrose.  We got there early enough that once we set up our truck we had time to socialize with some of the people we had met at earlier parades.

We chatted for a while with our new friends from the Royal Gorge Tea Party.  We had gotten to know them just a few weeks before and shared hugs and good energy.  While chatting with them, some ladies came over from the Trump float next door and we had a good discussion about things that matter to everyone.  It was a great start to the parade lineup.

We went back to the truck when they called for lineup and were waiting our turn, we were towards the end of the lineup.  The contingent in front of us was the Roaming Elk Club number 309 from the springs, and they were also wearing almost the same shade of purple.  We chatted with them a bit before they started off walking.  The old style roadster that was with them stalled right after it started and we pulled over to give them a jump.  There were 3 other groups behind us that pulled around us while we tried to jump the vehicle.

In three seconds everything changed for all of us.  The roadster was being throttled from outside the vehicle, and when it picked up it suddenly shifted into reverse and started speeding away.  One of the gentlemen was rolled over his hip by the front of the car.  The other jumped up to turn the wheel to stop it shooting off, and got dragged across his knees.  It stalled about 6 feet from the back of our truck but the damage was done.


We jumped to action, Misty ran to try to find an EMT and get 911 Called.  We pulled our emergency kit out of the back of the truck and started addressing the road rash on both of the gentlemen while the ambulances came.  Our thoughts went from getting Misty's name out there, to taking care of these gentlemen, and how sacred and important life is.  Politics could wait.


Needless to say we didn't catch up with the parade, we all made our police report, as they got a helicopter to get the gentleman with the shattered hip to Colorado Springs.  We drove his girlfriend to the hospital since it was on the way home and gave hugs to his family.  Those three seconds shook all of us there that day, and made a permanent impression on all of us.  Hug your loved ones, because three seconds can be the difference of a lifetime.

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